From vaccine-producing vertical farms to city-wide indoor farming operations, Illumitex is at the forefront of LED lighting control, precision, and accuracy. Illumitex provides a full solution approach to horticulture lighting with experts on staff to help design, layout, and customize your grow operation for maximum yield and potential.


Thought for Food

Thought For Food is a movement dedicated to tackling the global challenge of feeding 9+ billion people through bold, breakthrough solutions. TFF is  comprised of some of the best and brightest minds of the next generation, driven by a desire to invigorate innovation and uproot the status quo. TFF hosts a global summit, innovation platform, and runs an annual competition to catalyze university students from all fields of study to learn more about the complex challenges surrounding food security.


Globumbus Foundation

Established in 2007, is a Silicon Valley and Berlin based venture of the 3 German founders of zanox, supporting entrepreneurship, bitcoin, ag-tech and investing in startups globally.


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