Guidance Webinars

Guidance webinars are informational sessions where participants can learn more about vertical farming, and get advice on their submission and/or project. They are optional, but important pieces of the competition. They will be led by leadership personnel and industry experts from the Association for Vertical Farming, Illumitex and their partners. Webinars will last roughly one hour and provide both information for the milestones and the opportunity to ask questions about your submissions. Further instructions will be sent out regarding the webinars.


Milestones are key points in the competition where particular submissions will be due and submitted on the YouNoodle platform. Milestones individually will not be subject to judging, but rather are meant to encourage teams to showcase their progress, learn from each other, and support the marketing efforts of the competition. As discussed below. milestone content will be used for marketing of the competition (with the consent of the team). In addition, in the case of a tie, teams that complete milestones will be given preference by the judges, granting them an advantage.

Final Submission

The final submission is the culmination of all the design thinking that occurred throughout the process, submitted in one single location before the deadline of May 23, 2016 at 11:59pm PST. The final submission includes deliverables on the design decisions affecting estimated yield, energy, economics, aesthetics, jobs, locality, and sustainability. See the competition portal for more information and where to upload the deliverables.