Please rank design concepts on the validity of the claim below, based on your assessment of the PDF and any additional background knowledge you may have. Use the scoring chart below to encourage consistency amongst judges.



  • Participants have been briefed to design a vertical farm concept design that meets the criteria below.
  • These ideas will be judged on 8 categories, as shown below. These 8 categories, for the sake of clarity, have been separated and displayed as three key areas of importance: economic viability, sustainability and aesthetic/or innovative.
  • In the submission template, the sections are generally broken up into these categories but not explicitly. Therefore please base your score on the entire submissions approach to each category (for example, when judging sustainability, on one slide they discuss their sustainability explicitly, but this is also clearly linked to their economics slide, which should also be taken into account).
  • As you will notice, some of the categories are worth different points. We wanted it these scores to represent the effort required per section. Overall, our logic is that we want participants to essentially show us that they have done their homework, and then wow us at the end with their innovative, well designed, creative, and aesthetically appealing farm.
  • To help create a more uniform experience between judges, please reference your scoring against these criteria:
      • 10-8 Points: Outstanding concept, sound logic
      • 8-6 Points: High quality, with a lot of potential
      • 5-3 Points: Decent, missing some key concepts
      • 2-0 Points: Needs improvement, missing major concepts

*The same point breakdown applies to scores where only 5 points area available.






























Economic Viability



Estimated Yield
























Feasibility, Payback, potential funding sources


Crop Selection, yield per square meter, math behind calculations, wastage


Total usage, per sq. meter growing surface, # of lights + hours, math behind calculations


Number, Wage, Type - seems adequate/excessive/justified?


Site selection, Proposed buyers/consumers, distance to main buyer


Narrative of sustainability impact and systems diagram showing some resource flows


Qualitative assessment of creativity and design innovation - 3D elevation view, 2D layout, Sketch/computer graphics


Ability for the team to garner public support through an online voting system, ultimately leading to the education of the general public on vertical farming. This voting will be based on number of likes on Facebook based on your uploaded video.



__ / 10



__ / 10



__ / 10




__ / 5



__ / 5



__ / 5




__ / 10




__ / 10

Final Score

__ / 65