The World is Hungry for Your Ideas

We have heard it all before: our global urban population is rising quickly and it is uncertain how we can sustainably feed all of us. Our food security challenges  are very real (link to food security issues data) and we need bold solutions that change the way we understand, and produce food. Vertical Farming presents an exciting solution to our global food security challenges by using water-saving technologies to maximize crop yields through decentralized agriculture in and around cities and thus guaranteeing a consistent supply of fresh food in the face of a changing climate. Will yours be the next city to host a vertical farm and what will it look like?  Its an idea that is quickly becoming a reality with vertical farms sprouting up from Singapore to St. Louis.

How do You Stack Up?

Competition can lead to the development of solutions to world’s greatest challenges and serve as a means to leapfrog sustainable technologies. We want you to take part in the first global contest for the best concept in vertical farming because we believe your ideas contribute to humanity’s future. Will your vertical farming idea win the Innovation Award and an all expenses paid trip to GreenTech? Only you have the power to take the lead and make a difference.

The Field of The Future

Urban Agriculture is a rising industry, attracting top talent to invent new ways to grow food in cities and at home. Technology plays a leading role in this, especially LED grow lights, sensors, automation, and robotics. Thanks to our competition sponsor, Illumitex, the knowledge of vertical farming is being democratized to university students across the globe. Contestants who enter the competition powered by Thought for Food will benefit from four guidance webinars provided by Illumitex and the AVF about the technologies and techniques for vertical farming. The field of the future is right around the corner and it might include you when you reach new heights with us.

What Do You Bring to The Future of Food?

Now is your chance to be a trailblazer and submit your vision of the future of urban agriculture through the first global competition for the best vertical farming concepts: The Vertical Farming Innovation Award, Sponsored by Illumitex is your chance to win up to $5,000 for your brilliant idea and a trip to GreenTech Amsterdam to pitch it to vertical farming experts and enthusiasts! The prizes will be awarded to the best concept vertical farm developed by a team that could be led by you. It’s easy to take part, review the eligibility below and enter your team to get started.

Building Teams

We know you are superstar and can make big changes in the world, but no leader makes a difference without a committed team to support them. The Innovation Award for Vertical Farming is no different, and collaborating with a diverse team of students and an advisor will be key to your success. Apply to the competition as a leader today and submit your team later!

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